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Barnett reflex: we offer the resurfacing of your ski soles.

barnett is not only a sports equipment shop, it is also a resurfacing workshop.Equipped with the Sochi machine: we are attentive to your needs (high-level race preparation, ski maintenance, resurfacing...) and your practice conditions (different snow temperatures).

Examples of structures.

Depending on the snow you are skiing, our team will be happy to advise you on the most suitable sole for your skis.


The rates are given for information only: if your skis are very damaged we reserve the right to revise the advertised rate.

  • 1 pair: from 39€
  • 3 pairs: from 35€ per pair
  • 10 pairs: from 30€ per pair
  • more than 50 pairs: contact us

Remember to group yourself before dropping off your skis, the more they are in number the more we will be able to save our rates.

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