KS29 Bike and Roller Ski Helmet, WHITE

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Bike and Roller Ski Helmet

The helmet barnett has been specially designed for the sport practice on roller ski and bike.
It corresponds to CE standards (CE EN 1078 / ASTM F1447).


  • Size S, M or L (see below how to choose the right size)
  • Light weight: between 215 and 240g. depending on the size
  • Materials: polycarbonate
  • Ventilation and optimal comfort: fine absorption foam / 27 vents
  • Jaw protection
  • Detachable and washable inner part
  • Adjustable width and height
  • Anti insect net on the front of the helmet
  • Barnett helmets are of a high quality and provides a guarantee of safety in case of shock situations.
  • The design and comfort allow this product to combine breathability and the possibility to keep good on the head.

Two adjustments are possible: it's thin strap is adjustable on the side to adjust the width and height, an adjustable wheel at the back with one hand allows to adjust the depth.

How to choose your helmet size:
S 53-55cm. 215g.
M 55-58cm. 230g.
S 58-61cm. 240g.

Warning: A helmet can only be used in one shock situation, it is strongly recommended to change it after this one.

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